Accessory Drive Belt System Components for 2015 Scion xB


2015 Scion xB

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Serpentine Belt

Fits Camry , Corolla, Matrix, XBDrive Belt - Repair or ReplaceA failing Drive belt could affect the performance of your vehicle's Auxiliary systems, not to mention a loud squealing sound from under the Hood. Consider having having your Drive belt inspected or replaced to keep your Toyota running at its best. Usa built. Camry. 2.4l. Matrix. 2.4l. Corolla. 2.4l. 2.4L, us built. Vendor:mitsubishi. Routing:Crk,Tens,Idler,Alt,Wp,Comp. Water Pump, Alternator and Compressor.

MSRP $44.99
MSRP $44.99