Accessory Drive Belt System Components for 2015 Scion xB


2015 Scion xB

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Serpentine Belt

Fits Camry , Corolla, Matrix, XBDrive Belt - Repair or ReplaceA failing Drive belt could affect the performance of your vehicle's Auxiliary systems, not to mention a loud squealing sound from under the Hood. Consider having having your Drive belt inspected or replaced to keep your Toyota running at its best.\ \ Usa built. Camry. 2.4l. Matrix. 2.4l. Corolla. 2.4l. 2.4L, us built. Vendor:mitsubishi. Routing:Crk,Tens,Idler,Alt,Wp,Comp. Water Pump, Alternator and Compressor.

MSRP $44.99
MSRP $44.99